[F]RAMED | Brooke Shaden, Dark Art

Brooke Shaden, Dark Art

She’s sweet, kind, youthful and talented. And we were completely blown away that this young lady produces images that are opposite of her personality; images that she described as “dark art”.

Brooke Shaden is an internationally known photographer that even in her early 20’s, teaches photographers all over the world. Her passion lies in creating new worlds through photographs. Published in magazines such as Italian Vogue, her vision extends beyond the realm of the camera, creating images that resemble paintings and speak of an era that is not our own. Each image is a story. Each story is different. And each photo she creates is the exact reason why she is unique, original, and has work that is distinctly difficult to replicate.

Brooke Shaden is an American photographer based in Los Angeles. She distinguishes herself from other artists by her very inspired stagings and her fascinating surrealist atmospheres. She defines herself as a “creator of worlds”, rooted in reality but different from our world.

Find out more about Brooke Shaden’s work at www.brookeshaden.com.