Published On: Tue, Jan 28th, 2014

Chase Jarvis | Lifestyle visionary

How does one introduce Chase Jarvis? First thing that comes to mind is “energy”. Chase Jarvis is, if nothing more, a huge bundle of energy. Self-learned, driven and well-spoken, he’s only been on the photographers scene the past 5 years. I guess you could say it became a passion and passionate shows right through listening to Chase talk about creative visualization, workflow methodologies, and going after what he wants.

Born, raised, and currently residing in Seattle, Chase Jarvis is well known as a visionary photographer, director, provocateur, and social artist. While much of his focus is, on the surface, based in visual and representational art, his most profound interests lie in conceptual and informational art—and where they intersect. His personal work has earned the attention of gallerists and curators in America and abroad, he has won numerous awards for his commercial campaigns, and he is widely recognized for his entrepreneurial acumen. Chase has been featured in print, web, and broadcast—including photography, film and video trades, celebrity, news, and popular culture media—worldwide. As a photographer, Chase Jarvis is both prolific and renown. His work has earned a myriad professional and creative awards and his client list is stacked with global brands from Starbucks and SanDisk to Nike and Nikon.

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Beyond photography, his early and adept embrace of social media, digital platforms and the democratization of creativity has transformed his artistic vision into a global online movement—and the largest online following of any single photographer on the planet. Bursting with innovation and creative energy, from inventing the iPhone application, The Best Camera, to democratizing education by creating a free online channel, creativeLive, Chase Jarvis has become the leader of a movement of creative empowerment that transcends photography and puts him at the epicenter of social artistry on a global scale.

Let me make a suggestion here. Ply yourself away from the nightly dribble on TV during an upcoming weekend and settle down in front of something that provides you access to streaming media over the internet. Then turn on
chasejarvis LIVE
and sit back for some rich “infotainment”. If you are a photographer, entrepreneur, small business owner or just someone with creative ambitions that needs a kick in the ass, Chase Jarvis is someone you should be following!

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